Area 51 Tour from Las Vegas

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In the middle of the Nevada desert, there is an unmarked road that leads to the gate of a highly classified, remote and top secret base located within the Nevada Test and Training Range.This top secret facility has been known by many names since its creation; Groom Lake, Paradise Ranch and Dreamland but most know it by its map designation as Area 51.

Area 51 Tour from Las Vegas

An exciting and intellectual tour starts with the mysterious Janet Airlines, the airline that doesn’t exist. Then you’re off to the remote Nevada High Desert to a mysterious dry lake where many UFO sightings have occurred.  We stop for photos at the Extra Terrestrial Highway sign.

Then we have lunch at the world famous Little A’Le’ Inn. After lunch we visit the Black Mailbox location, a famous viewing location for UFO enthusiasts (the mailbox has since been abducted). Then we visit a strange and mutant Joshua Tree Forest. The most exciting part of this trip is the “Perimeter”. With the cameras, listening devices and the Camo Dudes or as we like to call them the (Men in Black) in the spooky 4×4 on the hill, forever watching.

The signs say “TOP SECRET NO PHOTOGRAPHY.” Well, we’ve been photographing the signs, the listening devices and the guards in their 4×4 for 23 years, and we haven’t disappeared yet. So I would say it’s OK. In fact we recommend you take hundreds of photos on this tour. It makes a wonderful photo journal to the world’s most TOP SECRET MILITARY FACILITY.

While getting inside the facility is impossible for most, we take our UFO enthusiasts to the infamous “back gate.” However, we must be careful when venturing near Area 51. The government really doesn’t want us around or peering into the facility (which can only be done from a remote mountain top, which is a dangerous climb so we do not go there) and of course, anyone coming near Area 51 is closely observed. We recommend you do not trespass under any circumstances or arrests and heavy fines await you. Or you may possibly just vanish from the face of the earth.

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  • Departure: Approximately 7:00 am

  • Return time:  Approximately 5:00pm

  • Complimentary pick up and return to all Las Vegas strip and downtown hotels.

  • Top Secret Janet Airlines

  • Mysterious Dry Lake where many UFO sitings have occurred

  • Little “Ale-Inn” for Lunch

  • Black Mailbox location (abducted)

  • Mutant Joshua Tree Forest

  • Area 51 “The Perimeter & the Men in Black”

  • All tours are “Soft Adventures”, perfect for families and older folks.

What exactly goes on inside? Area 51 Tour from Las Vegas will blow your mind.

The entrance is seemingly protected by little more than signs that read, Top Secret Military Facility, No Trespassing, Use of Deadly Force Authorized. There is no gate but make no mistake, you are being watched. Look to the right and on the top of a nearby hill is a 4 wheel drive vehicle with two heavily armed guards to insure no one enters this base. In addition, on closer observation, you’ll see cameras, sensors and listening devices strategically placed among the cactus and Joshua Trees.

There are of course, the alien conspiracy theories attached to the 1947 Roswell crash where UFO wreckage and alien bodies were said to have been recovered. And that we are reverse engineering the Alien technology. For all the theories and speculation, what is true is that Area 51 is real and still very active. Only a select few with the highest security clearance are privy to what is really happening inside the facility. Also, hundreds of workers fly to and from the base daily on the airline known as “Janet” from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. The airline has been hiding in plain sight alongside the Las Vegas Strip for decades. The stories that nothing is going on at Area 51 are quite false.

For all the myths and legends, what’s true is that Area 51 is real and still very active.

In the early days of Area 51 the government knew the majority of the “UFO” unexplained sightings were U-2 spy-plane tests, but could not reveal these details to the public. So, “natural phenomena” or “high-altitude weather research” became the standard explanations for the UFO sightings. The U-2 program halted in the late 1950s, but other top secret military aircraft continued testing at Area 51. Over the years, numerous top secret and stealth aircraft like the SR-71 Blackbird, F-117 Nighthawk and F-22 Raptor, have all been developed and tested at Area 51.

 George Knapp, a local investigative reporter in Las Vegas let the cat out of the bag when he told the world about the existence of Area 51. Even the state of Nevada capitalized on this new found fame and mystery by renaming Route 375 the “Extraterrestrial Highway,” and destinations such as the Alien Research Center and The Little A’Le’ Inn  (in the town of Rachel) continue to be popular tourist destinations.

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